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8.5m 28.3 ft Greece cosmote rc blimp , 18m cu.m
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8.5m 28.3 ft old version Greece cosmote rc blimp ! 

The envelope is made of  TPU and nylon 2 layer design, which is rigid and has enough lift to set stronger brushless motors, more battery power, composite fins with ailerons, heavier electronic components. It can lift up to 6.7 kg and have our "rail system" where you can move the motor mount as well as the payload (camera rig) in the exact gravity center of the Blimp. All controls are double guaranteeing that durable and safety.


- Blimp is made of white 2 ply material nylon with TPU

- Volume: 18 m3

- 2500 w rc gondola (min 1600w and max 2500w) with professional camera gimbal support 

- 22.2V Design

- Max Flight time as battery

Option: for rc blimp:

- Led light,white color or rgb led color change

- Camera gimbal

- Gift Dropper with parachute or no

- Advertising Banner

We name 800w gondola as min power on one motor, now name 2500w gondola as two motors

Blimp video on youtube.

800W Rc Gondola Infos:

800W Rc Gondola Video


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