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27 cu.m and 8 kg payload
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9m PU Rc Blimp

Our 9m (30ft) RC Blimp is the middle-scale outdoor size at electrical power, it is made of white tpu, ensuring the minimum helium loss which is less than 0.3 % daily for total helium volume! The volume is 27 m3 and Max the useful payload is 8 kg. significant air autonomy, strong nylon fabric, sliding cabin for changeable gravity point, double controls and secure power source. It is well tested by users worldwide Directly from Factory!


- Blimp is made of white 2 ply material nylon with TPU

- Volume: 27 m3

- 2200 w rc gondola  with professional camera gimbal support 

- 22.2V Design

- Max Flight time as battery

Option: for rc blimp:

- Led light,white color or rgb led color change

- Camera gimbal

- Gift Dropper with parachute or no

- Advertising Banner

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2200w rc Gondola Infos

2200w rc Gondola Video


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